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SchoolDex streamlines and automates the most tedious reporting and management tasks your school must perform, while optimizing every report to ensure proper budgeting. In an era of restrictive budgets and expanding oversight, schools must juggle providing effective education and services with satisfying student's needs. It’s a delicate and difficult balancing act. SchoolDex shifts the balance in your favor: we offer a seamless system to help you maximize funding and manage every aspect of your school (class management, student management, grade book and lesson plans, detailed reports and more) to make your daily life easier, lift burdens from your shoulders and just work.


Dunwoody Educational Foundation, Inc. member of The International Montessori Council, is a non-traditional school that offers "Montessori Approach" to our students. Our school believes in working each child to the best of his or her ability. We develop his/her physical, intellectual and spiritual powers to the fullest and we develop our student's freedom of choice, expression and independency. These freedoms are achieved through order and self-discipline. Dunwoody Educational Foundation, Inc. adheres to the exigency of the child's full potentials in the environment of independence and education for life by incorporating authentic Montessori Program prescribed by the International Montessori Council.

Dunwoody, as an educational foundation, offers different programs and services. Education is just one portion. We feel that it is our duty to assist other institutions by introducing innovative products designed for education, such as SchoolDex.